Unified Operations Center for Cities

Achieve city-wide visibility, planning, and real-time decision support by driving individual departmental and facility control rooms into a large integrated operations center.

Digital Transformation Journey of Operations Control

  • Siloed departments are considered the biggest hurdle faced by cities attempting to streamline their operations
  • For this reason, cities are developing strategies to integrate their various operations and thereby increase collaboration, share best practices and quicken decision making
  • Depending on their level of maturity, this may not be a one-step process but rather a journey of digitization that transforms the operating model from the ground up
  • The logical process will differ from one city to the next depending on improvement priorities set by each
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

System of Systems Approach

  • Unique distributed digital platform that enables scalability, connectivity, high availability, and secure standards management with architectural flexibility
  • Provides the framework for consistent operations and a unified experience across existing operational systems and multi-vendor system architectures
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

Enable Embedded Operational Procedures for Action Consistency

  • Capture operational actions and best practices
  • Ability to codify operational procedures with digitized workflows
  • A configurable workflow environment makes it easy to manage change and optimize processes, enabling continuous improvement
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

Improve Time to Performance of Workforce

Operational simulation reduces time to performance in onboarding workforce and brings in operational consistency for city-based power and water installations.
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

City Operational Center Design

Bring disparate systems together with facility design services, construction, installation, and imaging services for an integrated operations center that provides capabilities for the cloud, industrial IoT, mobility, big data predictive analytics and cybersecurity.
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

Connectivity Across Devices

  • Choose from a myriad of connectors and communication servers for control devices, applications, and systems.
  • Connect automation devices, control systems, HMI systems, historians, relational databases, quality and maintenance systems, enterprise business systems.
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities

Consistency of Operation with Standardization

Engineering groups can develop standardized templates and libraries and then scale up over time as configured code is deployed to specific devices, wherever you have them throughout the city.
Picture of Unified Operations Center for Cities