Virsec Security Platform

Pioneering cybersecurity uniquely designed to protect SCADA, HMI, MES and other industrial software solutions within memory by guardrailing applications controlling industrial operations and processes to prevent dangerous attacks, like Stuxnet, Triton, Industroyer, Ransomware and more.
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A Certified AVEVA Partner Solution
AVEVA and Virsec have partnered to harden industrial and engineering software solutions with unprecedented IT - OT attack coverage that eliminates security gaps, and ensures cyber protection with unmatched accuracy and a continuous defense against evolving vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks.
Picture of Virsec Security Platform
Picture of Virsec Security Platform
Comprehensive SCADA, MES and OT Cybersecurity
Ensures full-stack protection for industrial system platforms, like Wonderware, at each level in the infrastructure protecting supervisory controls, process management software, operations monitoring, and intelligent systems to ensure operational integrity when under threat.
Efficiently Solves The Patching Problem For Complex IT - OT Environments
Virsec’s deterministic approach to threat detection ensures vulnerable, unpatched  software functions without compromise. The Trusted Execution™ capabilities protect critical assets from malicious actors that leverage crippling technology flaws, and  preemptively patches vulnerabilities that leave SCADA, MES, OT platforms, servers and internally developed services exposed to dangerous exploits, relieving operations teams of the rigors of patching and unscheduled downtime.
Goes Beyond Conventional Security
Unlike network-based security solutions, Virsec identifies attacks based on how industrial OT software executes in memory, revealing sophisticated zero-day exploits in real-time and initiating response actions in milliseconds, to  protect complex critical industrial processes and operations without signature tuning, policy management, heuristics and human efforts.
Picture of Virsec Security Platform
#1 Cyber Defense for Industrial Operations and Critical Systems
Only Virsec knowns your application from the inside, and can protect it.
Virsec Software Options
Virsec meets the varying cyber needs for those deploying Industrial Operation and Supervisory Control Applications with three flexible software options that lowers overall operations costs. Learn more about Virsec Security Platform and select the option that works best for you.
Picture of Virsec Security Platform
Picture of Virsec Security Platform
IT - OT Application Risk Assessment And Advisory Services
Better understand how resilient your OT and SCADA application infrastructure is in the face of crippling attacks with an in-depth IT-OT assessment and detailed examination of security practices that reveal protection gaps leaving industrial processes and operations vulnerable to devastating cyber attacks.
Optimized Scenario
Next generation security designed to protect critical infrastructure and industrial applications from the inside, without code changes, and not from the perimeter. It uniquely identifies attacks that bypass conventional security in real-time and instruments protection against unexpected deviations in process flows in milliseconds, preventing evasive threats, memory-based exploits, zero day attacks and attacks that weaponize at runtime – ensuring continuous security and operational integrity of IT - OT and supervisory systems like Citect SCADA, Wonderware System Platform, and InTouch. The software deploys easily on-premises or in the cloud and supports applications developed in most languages.
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