Water Network Optimization

An extension to your SCADA system to empower your control room operators and operations managers with real-time data, predictive operations, and automated notifications.
Predict Water Network Behavior
Emulate what-if scenarios based on real-time data. What is the effect, in real time, of shutting down a water source and opening a bypass? See the effect of the action beforehand.
Picture of Water Network Optimization
Real-time Alerts
Water Network Optimization includes smart alerting functionality for the Control Room - Corroborate SCADA alarms with additional context and alert SCADA operators on issues before they actually happen. Allows you to inform the SCADA operator on data anomalies when measured and simulated data considerably differ.
Picture of Water Network Optimization
Workflow Notifications
Customise your notifications and take control of the network with real-time actionable alerts. Notifications can be raised directly from the SCADA system thus streamlining operations and maintenance processes.
Picture of Water Network Optimization
Industry Solution
Optimised Scenario
Targeted to Empowerment of Operations Managers and SCADA operators. Water Network Optimization embeds the Aquis engine and leverages its simulation and forecast capability and presents them in two specific environments (Web + InTouch HMIs).
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