Water Network Optimization

As an extension to a SCADA system that empowers control room operators and operations managers with real-time data, predictive operations insight, and automated notifications.

Predict Water Network Behavior

Emulate what-if scenarios based on real-time data. What is the effect, in real time, of shutting down a water source and opening a bypass? See the effect of the action beforehand.
Picture of Water Network Optimization

Real-time Alerts

  • Water Network Optimization includes smart alerting functionality for the control room
  • Corroborate SCADA alarms with additional context and alert SCADA operators on issues before they actually happen
  • Informs SCADA operator on data anomalies when measured and simulated data differ considerably
Picture of Water Network Optimization

Workflow Notifications

  • Customize notifications and take control of the network with real-time actionable alerts
  • Notifications can be raised directly from the SCADA system, streamlining operations and maintenance processes
Picture of Water Network Optimization