Workflow Management - Industrial

Advanced workflow management for industrial operations, digitization of standard operating procedures and collaboration across people, plant and enterprise applications and devices
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Model Driven Platform
A platform which avoids custom coding for sustainable operations management solutions and to standardise operational procedures/processes. Specific functionality for process reusability and governance allows for standardization with adaptability across multiple-sites.
Picture of Workflow Management - Industrial
Picture of Workflow Management - Industrial
Workflow management has various standard activities that connect and exchanges information from multiple disparate applications at the plant and enterprise level and uses multiple different communication channels such as push messages to mobile devices, Chat, E-mail, and SMS, resulting in a collaborative environment across people and systems.
Digitization of Operational Processes
Workflow Management digitizes, automates and enforces standard operating procedures and maintains a system of record for compliance purposes and continuous improvement. The web-based forms user interface for mobile and desktop devices eliminates paper, reduces errors, negates inefficiencies in manual data collection and abstracts users from underlying systems and complexity.
Picture of Workflow Management - Industrial
Single server instance solutions
Advanced fail-over load balancing across a server farm of two or more server instances
Optimized Scenario
Standardize work procedures across sites and integration with System Platform, MES and enterprise asset management
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Windows Server
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