Workflow Management Learning Curriculum

Collection of courses delivered as lectures, presentation, and video demonstrations is intended to provide an attendee with an essential understanding of the Workflow Management 2014 R2 software, the usage of workflows, forms, and reports
Who should Attend?
Workflow Management 2014 R2 curriculum is targeted at Plant floor operators and managers, system administrators, system integrators, and other individuals who need to use the Workflow Management software or workflow automation in their manufacturing processes.
Workflow Management Training Target Audience
Duration and Objectives of Workflow Management training
Scope of the Training
6 hours and 25 minutes duration provide a fundamental understanding of the Workflow Management software, the usage of workflows, forms, and reports. As you progress through the curriculum, attendees are guided through security, layout, best practices, concepts, features, and functions of the software. Upon completion, you will have a sound understanding of BPM, components and connectors, usage and various reporting capabilities of the software.
Pre-requisites and Objectives
Manufacturing industry experience is recommended to attend this curriculum. But as participants progress through the course, there are varying requirements to proceed with subsequent modules. These could be specific knowledge of Workflow Management, components, Understanding of process design and management, security definition etc.
Picture of Workflow Management Learning Curriculum
Picture of Workflow Management Learning Curriculum
Curriculum Overview
Multiple modules ranging from few minutes to hours designed to get you familiarized with the software. Lectures (combination of recording, live and virtual), demonstrations, discussions are included in the curriculum to reinforce the information presented. Modules include - Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM), explain Workflow Management and its usage and position in the automation industry, Workflow Management components, and connectors, data sources and repositories, Workflow Management security and security tools, configuring Workflow Management workflows, forms, and activities, BAM/reporting capabilities.
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